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Our Work !
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Our Outdoor Living Space Service Options
Sod Lawns: Grading, Soil Improvement, Install Sod
Gardens:Weed Control, Composting, Planting
• Yard Design Ideas: See Contemporary Landscape   
Patios & Decks: Pavers, Stones, Bricks, Boards, Other 
Paver & Stone Driveways:  Pavers, Stones, Bricks
Retainer Walls: Stones, Bricks, Blocks
Decks & Fences:Wood, Vinyl, and More
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Our Work !
Make-A-Garden Lawns
Commercial Option
Our Work (see more)
Our Work:
 Commercial Lawn Options
Make-A-Garden Lawns
 Residential Option
Our Work (see more)
 Our Work:
 Residential Lawn Projects 
Decorative Garden Options
Borders, Slopes, Plateau 
Our Work (see more)  
 Incorporated Pathway

our sod installed lawn on Hegeman street, Brooklyn
jen project after
Make-A-Garden grass lawn
sodding for j.Silverstein
lawns and flowers in narrow areas
 Why Sod Installation?
When to Install Sod:
Spring, Summer, or Fall?
Sod is by far better than seeding for three major reasons. 1) immediate full grown, mature, green grass lawn; 2) sod reduces lead chemical exposure; and 3) helps to prevent weeds and soil erosion problems. Sod can be installed from spring to fall. The only difference is in the application frequency of water; in the spring and fall water application will be less than in the summer. Contact Make-A-Garden for your particular lawn, garden, and yard needs.

lawn work in progress
Our Work-in-Progress
Sod Installation Project

Patios, Lawn, and 
Tree Planting

Here below is one of our Patio, lawn, and evergreen shrub multi-project comprising of paver-installed patio; sod-installed lawn with provisions for flower planting on the sides; and a planted evergreen shrub privacy hedge. 

lawn and paver patioOur Work: 16x16 Iron Oxide pigment 
paver Patio, Lawn, and Shrubs Project
Our Work: Your garden is enhanced
by adding retainer wall stones. 
garden with plant, shrub, flower along with retain wall stones design
Our work Gardening Project:
Garden and Retainer Wall Project

More stonework Designs
Shrubs Management 
Slow-growth dark green and colored shrubs
for ornamental and landscaping designs
Dark green evergreen shrubs are good choices for sod installed lawns edges.
Horizontal Juniper Shrubs
Make-A-Garden also supply shrubs
and plants to facilitate  landscaping projects. 
sod lawns edges do very well with colored evergreen shrubs.
Evergreens Horizontal
Colored Shrubs

Make-A-Garden supplies and plants shrubs, flower plants, and trees
Another popular plant for
color is the Japanese Maple
colored J maple shrubs
Japanese Maple

Plants, Trees, Shrubs Choices 

 For Color

Those are not evergreen; they lose their
leaves in the fall, but do well in the New York City area, and the leaves retain color throughout the season. For a tree planting project, call Make-A-Garden.

Our 1 of 3-Step Site Clearing Project
Bushes, trees, shrubs, and Wall Vines
Our Site Clearing Project Worksite (Before)
1/3 Site Clearing Worksite >  > 

Our Wood 
Vinyl  fence options

Our Work: Constructed Vinyl Fence in
Far Rockaway, Queens

Fence Structure
Our Privacy Vinyl Fence Project

(718) 309-8715

More of Our Work
Early Spring Sod
Installed Lawn
This Kentucky Blue sod installed front yard lawn is only one day old and was  installed in the early spring season and still has the brown look from the winter effects. However, within two weeks the entire lawn will be lush green and ready to be cut. For your lawn needs, contact Make-A-Garden.
sod installed new lawn in early spring.
Our Work: Early Spring
Newly Installed Sod (one day old) 

More Stone Works Designs
Make-A-Garden Stonework  
Our Work-in-Progress backyard patio project work in progress with provision for plants and flowers on the sides
Make-A-garden stonework and patio paver installation work
Our Work: 12x12 Gray Concrete Paver
Patio Project in Progress 
More Stonework Options
Instead of the common brick or
block concrete walls, stonework
with capping is a great option.
For more options and ideas, contact us.
High wall stonework
Stonework Retainer Walls  
Sample High Wall Options

landscaping Ideas
Plant Soil Retainers/Edger
Simi circle retainer low wall stonework
Colored Stones
Retainer Wall/Edger Options
Common Grass Varieties
 In New York City Area:
Kentucky Blue Grass

Kentucky Blue, however, tends not to do so well
in shaded conditions. It requires at least 4 to 5 hours
direct sun light in order to build a healthy thick tuff grass lawn.
Kentucky grass sod is great for lawns in high sun lit areas. Make-A-Garden supply and install Kentucky grass sod
Blue Grass

Tall Fescue Grass

Blue and Tall Fescue often does much better than Kentucky Blue in relatively shaded, damp and or water logged areas. However, all grass varieties do best in well graded, tilled, and aerated soil with the right pH level. For more information, contact Make-A-Garden at 718-309-8715
Tall Fescue is best for lawn areas with minimum sun light of less that 4 hours per day. Make-A-Garden supplies and installs Tall Fescue sod
Tall Fescue Grass 
Our 2 of 3-Step Site Clearing Project
Bush Clearing (Work in Progress)

Our backyard cleanup and site
 clearing work in progress

Our Site Clearing Project Worksite
2/3 Site Clearing Work In Progress > >

(718) 309-8715

More Stone Options
Stones & Gravel projects
From sand and gravels to
bricks and pavers, landscaping
 design options are limitless.
And that's where
Make-A-Garden comes in.  
landscaping designs with gravels, stones, and grassGravel Options
More of the kind or work we do.

River Stones are great for deeps,
and to create a coastal or
stream-like trail design. 
An example of the types of stone works and lawn designs Make-A-Garden do.
Pathway Stepping Stones
More of the kind of work we do.

Stepping Stones are great for
brows, contours, and paths through lawns while  preserving
lawn integrity.
Decorative Retainers
stonewall and Edger Projects

High multi-wall layers on slopes in front yards as seen here is a great option. This is not our work but serves as demonstrative purpose.
multi layer retainer wall stonework

Stonework Retainer Walls
Sample Multi-Level Stonewall Options

Retainer walls serves two major useful purposes such as landscape designs for ornamental or decorative upgrades; and soil movement prevention; or both. For design ideas and or planning options, contact Make-A-Garden.  

More backyard Designs
Low Stonework Edgers

Low wall cream retainer stonework 
Retainer stonewall/Edger


Outdoor Living Space Design Options

Lawns, Patios and Decks 

Open Patios as seen here below and above are on the increase in the New York City area. For planning ideas and concepts contact Make-A-Garden
stonework and lawn at Anmarie
Our Same Day Sod Lawn Project

Soil Fertility 
Soil Improvement Management

Make-A-Garden may also conduct soil tests to determine soil PH and fertility content. However, our sod installation practice corrects high soil acidity condition, and increases soil fertility before the sod is installed.


Our 3 of 3-Step Site Clearing Project
Site Clearing project
(Site Clearing completed)

Our Project Worksite (After)
3/3 Site Bush Clearing Completion !

(718) 309-8715