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Sod is the cultivation of various pure natural grass types for the purpose of commercial supply of read-to-install mature grass in the form of rolls for an instant mature grass lawn. 


Sod is by far the most efficient way of creating a lawn compared to the use of seeds and plugs for three major reasons:

  • Sod installation creates an instant mature, lush green natural grass lawn (however the new lawn requires close attention and care to get established)
  • Sod installation immediately covers the exposed soil thereby helping to eliminate soil lead chemical exposure, especially if one has children and or elderly at home
  • Sod installed lawns can immediately help prevent regrowth of weeds (some weeds can be persistent and may require manual intervention over time) and
  • Helps prevent soil erosion, and instantly improves the beauty of the yard surroundings. 

S​od (natural grass) can be installed from spring (March/April) to the fall (November). The only difference is in the application frequency of water; in the spring and fall, water application will be less frequent than in the summer. For more about lawns consult a make-a-garden professional at 718-309-8715 or


weeds and bush clearing for sod install

Our Project Work Site Before


Our Sod Installation Project 



Our Sod Installed Lawn Project (Completed)

pic Guerda before edited_edited.jpg

new lawn soil preparation

sod install for new natural grass lawn
natural grass lawn completion
new yard stepping stones for pool safety
stepping stones completed project
new patio and privacy fence
Garden and Stonework
yard cleanup and bush removal
Make-A-Garden custom sheds
yard cleaning for new yard home
new patio and modern wooden fence
custom made wood planter
bush clearing
new custom made shed
yard home and custom shed construction
yard improvement with paver stone and natural grass lawn
asphalt removal for paver stones installation
yard bush cleanup (after)
new custom built shed
new custom-made wood shed
new retainer wall and paver stone patio
asphalt to new paver stone driveway

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* The estimate offer applies only to residential property project customers (third parties, contractors, commercial projects not included). Free Consultations appliy to Make-A-Garden customers only; Free Cuts relates to free labor only - use of vehicle and supplies charged   

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