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Services Phase One Option:
The Site Clearing and or Cleanup (haul away from property priced separately)
  • Clear worksite (measured area) of vegetation such as weeds, bushes, vines etc.
  • Clear worksite of hand-manageable surface roots, small rocks, stones Relocation plants, and other objects
Services Phase Two Option:
Site Land and Soil Management
  • Machine till ground soil
  • Fill, refine, grad, and or prep worksite  (Extensive Grading Charged Separately)
  • Apply compost, peat moss, and other material(s) as ordered by customer
Service Phase Three Option:
Material planting, application, installation, and or construction 
  • Supply and install sod
  • Sow seeds
  • Apply mulch, sand, gravel, other
  • Lay or install tile, paver, stone, etc.
  • Plant trees, shrubs, flowers
NOTE: Various Services May Consist of One or More Phases Above
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