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maxine site before
Lawn Worksite Before  > >

maxine lawn wip  Worksite - Work in Progress > >

maxine lawn after

Our Work - Work Completion

Make-A-Garden patio project work site before. Pavers and a plants will be used in this backyard area.    Patio Work site > >

Make-A-Garden paver and stonework installation in progress
Patio Work site - Work in Progress

Make-A-Garden paver and stonework project nearing completion. Our Work - Patio After

Garden and sod installation work in progress.
Our Work in Progress > >

Make-A-Garden sod installed lawn completion.
Our Work - Site After
Bill lawn after sided  Our Work - Site After

Field Project Site - beforeOur Work In Progress > >
This sod installed Kentucky lawn is also built by Make-A-Garden around a ground-level pool.Our Work - After
A site seen before work beganWorksite Before (see below)
sod installation preparation. Phase two stage, soil management.Work In Progress  > >
sod installation completed. Kentucky Blue grass newly sodded lawn.Our Work - After
This lawn is established by Make-A-Garden, around an elevated pool. Our Work After (see above)
sod installation preparation. Phase one stage: old sod removal.Our Work In Progress > >
Sod installed lawn completion. The lawn is one day old and sod installation in early spring.Our work - After
A few days old lawn projected completed by Make-A-Garden. Flowers are planted on the edges.Our Work After (see below)
Site condition before sod installation.Worksite Before > >
Rich pro site afterOur Work - After
The soil is properly tilled, refined and enriched with top soil, compost, and peat moss.Work In Progress Before (see above)
Laurel site beforeWorksite Before > >
Laurel site afterOur Work - After
Hegeman lawn sodded by make-a-gardenOur WorkAfter (Commercial)
catherine before bushes near wallWorksite Before > >
catherine paver patio and wall finishedOur Work - After
garden rehabilitation replaced with plants, trees, and flowers Work Site Before > >
stone work, planting, and a great yard by make-a-garden
Our Work - After

our work  Our Work - Site After
Guerda Before picWork in Progress - Site Before > >
pic Guerda after 2 Our Work - After

pic at Wini before
Tree Removal & Fence Restoration Project - Site Before > >
wini after                  Our Work - After

036Work Site Before > >
patio pavers and fenceOur Work - Patio After

mario driveway before

Driveway Work Site Before > >

mario driveway after 1
Our Work - New Driveway (After)

mario driveway after closeup

Our Work - Driveway After
Bushy Back yard Site Before > >
Our Work-in-Progress > >

Our Work - Cleared Backyard After

lawn and stonework in Brooklyn
Our Work - Install Sod and Lay Floor Stones

Fence Structure
Our Work - Constructed Vynel Fence 

Luigi lawn and stepping stones
Our Work - Install Sod and Lay Stepping Stone (all one day old)